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Refrigerator Rehab

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Refrigerator Rehab

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Don’t let what’s lurking in your fridge sabotage your health goals!

Work with Kimberly Garrett, who is Certified as a Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer through nationally accredited programs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Health Sciences.

Your Refrigerator Rehab Includes:

·       30-Minute Phone Consultation so we can get to know each other and I can learn a bit about your health goals.

·       2 Hour Session in your home (I can also accommodate a virtual meeting via video chat if you’re outside the Portland Metro area)


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    Refrigerator Rehab Objectives:

·    We will discuss your likes and dislikes (preferences) when it comes to food

·       We will create a powerful visual by:

o   We will pull out all the foods in your fridge and pantry that may be sabotaging your health goals and I will discuss why they are unhealthy

o   We also make a healthy pile of foods

·       We will formulate two individualized goals you would like to make for 2019

·       We will discuss and make a plan for the unhealthy items you would like to switch out for healthier versions (i.e., bagels for English muffins, milk for almond milk, chips for nuts, sweets for fruit, etc.)

·       You will make the decision on what items to toss or donate (if any)

·       I will provide you with educational and helpful handouts based on your individual needs and preferences

·       Based upon your preferences, we will formulate a meal plan and grocery shopping list (for an extra charge of only $45.00 -normally $120)!

·       Sign up for your 2 hour in-home Refrigerator Rehab session and receive a FREE GIFT superfood item valued at $40.00-55.00! (It’s your choice between coco-mint spirulina, a tasty beet drink, or lemon green drink – all with wonderful superfood properties)!