Learn more about health coaching with FAQs


1.       Does a coach tell me what to do like a drill sergeant or my mother? A coach will help you attain your goals, identify and break through limiting beliefs, and ask you tough questions so that you can live the life you really want. A coach will not boss you around or tell you what to do. They will offer fresh perspectives, support, and guidance while challenging you to reach higher and stretch for growth.

2.        What’s the difference between therapy and coaching? Therapy is for recovery and coaching is for discovery.

3.        What is the difference between dieting and a health coaching program? Diets have been proven to be ineffective long term where the yo-yoing effect can actually be more harmful than helpful. Health coaching takes a deeper and more holistic approach which will enable you to achieve lasting lifestyle and behavior change.

4.        Do I have to give up anything? With health coaching, you'll learn what choices produce healthy outcomes and what tends to hinder healthy outcomes. You'll also be exposed to and encouraged to try new things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. After being equipped with this knowledge and experience, you ultimately decide for yourself what health outcomes you want to achieve, then receive support in making the changes you choose to make to achieve your goals.

5.        When is the right time to hire a coach? When your life has turned into a series of Groundhog’s Day and you can’t figure out how to get out of the vicious loop and start changing, it’s time to call a coach.

6.        What is a Health Coach anyway? We help people with behavior and habit change with empathy and no judgment. We work with your likes and dislikes to gradually change habits to healthier ones specific to your goals. We help connect your doctor’s orders with real life (i.e., lose weight, decrease blood pressure, blood sugar, or inflammation, etc.).  We help you execute a plan to improve lifestyle and health in accordance with your individual goals and your health practitioner’s instructions.

7.       How is a coach different from friends? It’s natural to turn to friends for advice. The problem is, your friends’ opinions will always be marred by the role you play in their lives. Having a non-biased trained professional to talk things through with will bring clarity, structure, and follow through that friendship often can’t offer.

8.        Once I get a coach, will I need them forever? Coaching creates independent thinkers who can access their inner wisdom to make the best choices for their lives. Effective coaching is a process and the amount of time it takes one person to let go of an old belief or habit might be different for someone else. Coaching is a fluid process based on independence rather than codependence. What the client wants for themselves, the coach wants for the client.

9.        Do you take insurance? Not health insurance but you can use you pre-tax reimbursement program for weight loss.  See how to take advantage of your FSA, HSA, or HRA here.

10.        What do you specialize in? Chronic disease, weight loss, plant-based nutrition, and safe cleansing.  Schedule your free consultation today here!

11.        Do you provide meal plans? – I help you create the meals and foods you like to eat and to take steps that get you closer to healthier alternatives and provide recipes and options. I do not “prescribe” a specific meal which is what an Registered Dietitian would do. I also provide a free one-week vegan meal plan for you to try out based on your physical parameters -- request one today here