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Do you want a PERMANENT solution to your weight loss and wellness goals? The answer lies in Health Coaching! Health coaching is not about dieting because diets don’t work! BUT, this doesn’t change the fact that food’s impact on your health can have either detrimental or MIRACULOUS effects on your body, mind, and wellbeing.  As your coach, I will evaluate your current diet, lifestyle, and preferences so that we can work together as a team to establish realistic goals that set you up for lasting and SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. I will help you reach healthier lifestyle choices that become habit so that you don’t waste energy on willpower. Willpower is a limited resource that will only set you up for failure if you rely on it long term. This is why my tailored behavior modification approach is the main focus and I will be there with you along the way for encouragement, guidance, and support.

Kimberly Garrett, Certified Health Coach



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Let food by thy medicine and medicine thy food
— Hippocrates