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I know the amount of physical energy and mental stamina it takes to be kick-ass at a corporate job. Juggling workouts, meal prep, socializing, family time, stress and time management, all the while getting the job done with a gold star at the end of the day, is my forte!

I began my legal career on a clean slate at 19 years old. Over the span of 13 years I worked as a paralegal in addition to managing support staff. It wasn’t until I chose to go vegan in 2011 that I decided to go back to school to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences so that I could help others evolve into wellness.  

My fascination in nutrition and fitness budded at the very early age of 10. It was at 10 years old that my life changed forever with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (also called “juvenile diabetes” and “insulin dependent diabetes” which has to do with being born with a gene mutation and is a much different disease than the lifestyle epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes that is much more prevalent). This means that there is no cure and without insulin injections, I would die. Throughout my childhood I continued exploring nutrition and fitness and I went through stages of wanting to be a nutritionist, personal trainer, and counselor when I grew up. Now as a Health Coach, I am a dynamic combination of all three of those professions! My personal health struggles and victories with Type 1 Diabetes has given me the gift of empathy for others with similar challenges but also a realistic view on what it takes to be well.

 - Kimberly Garrett, CHC, CPT, FNS, BS

What I've Achieved

  • Bachelor's in Sports and Health Sciences (B.S.) from American Public University (APU)
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) through NASM
  • CPR, AED, & First Aid Certified through the American Heart Association
  • MasterVeg Certificate through Northwest VEG
NCCA Accredited Program

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